Babywearing Intensive Training

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If you are a professional working with parents in the perinatal period, own a business that involves Babywearing or are hoping to start one, or a parent who wants to expand your own knowledge and skillset, my hands-on interactive training will give you the solid foundation you need so that you can confidently advise new parents on safe and correct Babywearing that will see them more connected than ever with their thriving baby. 💞

The two day training is a combination of theory based education and practical learning and will involve:

✔ Learn the importance of Babywearing in the 4th Trimester & beyond, the substanial benefits that comes with it, and why it’s an essential parenting tool for a parent’s well-being and babies thriving

✔ Be confident in advising on safe, optimal and comfortable ways to carry a baby in line with healthy hip, spine, and physiological development.

✔ Know how to use the most common carriers correctly and how to simply and easily get them comfortable with the best troubleshooting tips

✔ Be across the board on frequent concerns, myths, and misconceptions that occur with parents and those in the wider community

✔ Be taught about special circumstances such as twins and premature bubs from guest experts with first-hand experience

✔ Get informed on how to conduct a Babywearing business, insurance and legal requirements, risk factors + more

Without doing proper training, you may unknowingly be giving out information to your clients that is misinterpreted or ill-informed, resulting in unsafe and uncomfortable experiences for parent and child. And as carriers and slings become more commonplace, it's likely you'll be getting asked more and more questions in regards to there ideal use or what current guidelines are in place. 

Inclusions & BONUSES (valued at over $1000!):

💥 Two-day training 10am-4pm
💥 Full delicious vegetarian/vegan catering
💥 My Babywearing Basics Guide in print (valued at $20)
💥 Lifetime access to my online training series ‘Babywearing Download’ (valued at $59)
💥 $100 gift voucher to be used towards your own Babywearing kit
💥 Certificate of completion for you to display on your website + in print
💥 15% discount available for those wishing to purchase carriers & slings at the training
💥 Ongoing support in private facebook group
💥 Your own deck of my Babywearing Milestone Cards for inspiration & fun (valued at $25)
💥 A PDF outline of the course for you to download and refer back to during the training and afterwards
PLUS more surprises at the training 😘

My two-day intensive training will cover you in the basics of Babywearing is perfect for Doulas, Infant and Maternal Health Specialists, those conducting antenatal & postnatal classes or wishing to, volunteers hosting babywearing meet-ups, or parents themselves wishing to learn more robustly about their passion. 

I understand you care deeply about the new parents you work with and supporting them thoroughly through this intense new chapter in their lives. If they've ever complained to you about not getting a break or their baby being clingy, THIS IS THE TOOL you need to adequately equip them with to give them some relief! 🙏 

👉  Invest in you, invest in your business, invest in your clients!
Take this leap to be a pioneer pushing forward for more parents to carry their children comfortably and confidently so that it becomes more and more normal and accessible to all.
I can't wait to support you in doing so! 

This training will enable you to expand your offerings and unique point of difference! After completion you will be able to:

🎈 Confidently support new parents with up-to-date essential information on safe & optimal Babywearing best practices & add this to your services
🎈 Work as a Babywearing Consultant/Educator/Advocate knowing you have a solid foundation of training and ongoing support to see you succeed
🎈 Become a retailer of Babywearing Products feeling assured you can use and advice on these products correctly
🎈 Confidently support parents in your immediate community as a peer-educator on Babywearing
🎈 Advance your own skill set and knowledge on your personal love of Babywearing 

Outine of Day 1: 
🔹 The history of babywearing, our natural instincts to carry and be carried, how essential it is to carry children for healthy brain development and healthy attachment, the importance of babywearing use in the 4th trimester, the long list of benefits to child and parent.
🔹 How to carry to support physiological development of the child specifically looking at the hips & spine, guest speaker to talk about hip dysplasia and how babywearing plays a role, looking at safety and making this the number 1 priority, TICKS guidelines and airway protection. 
🔹 Practical time! Demonstration of Stretchy Wraps, Woven Wraps, and Meh Dais, time to practice yourself and role-play instructing others, troubleshooting tips and advise on common issues.
🔹 Part 1 of 2 discussion on Babywearing Misconceptions, Concerns and Myths. 

Outine of Day 2: 
🔹 Start the day with Practical Time again! Demonstration of Ring Slings & Buckle Carriers, time to practice yourself and role-play instructing others, troubleshooting tips and advise on common issues. Plus looking at breastfeeding and babywearing. 
🔹 Part 2 of 2 discussion on Babywearing Misconceptions, Concerns and Myths. 
🔹 Guest speakers to talk about Premature Bubs & Babywearing, Twins & Babywearing and give first-hand experience and expertise + demonstrations.
🔹 The important role you will now play in instilling this confidence into parents and the positive impact you can make in making this tool normal, accessible, and acheiveable to see future generations of connected and thriving babies grow up.
🔹 Your responsibilites when giving babywearing advice, legalities, insurance, risks, how to structure and run a successful babywearing business, and more.
🔹 Where to from here... 

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It's going to be a blast and I can't wait to see you there! 

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