Brooke and the Team

brooke-maree-and-daughterBrooke is a one-of-a-kind, everyday mama who oozes positivity and inspiration with her infectious passion for enstilling confidence and ease into other mothers.  She enjoys endless oxytocin-filled cuddles with her toddler, drinking green smoothies and bingeing on dark chocolate, and can never get enough of enjoying the simple things in life with her family. She lives for beaming smiles on women's faces, and is committed to making the act of carrying a child fun, simple, and bliss. You can find her at home, her favourite place, playing with her daughter, cooking giant bowls of pasta in the kitchen, or just simply immersing herself in her heart-centred business, Brooke Maree.

Brooke Maree came to life after Brooke saw how overwhelming the babywearing world can be for those who first dip their toes in. Knowing how vital and practical a tool it was on her own journey as a new mum, she was adamant that all mothers have a chance at understanding some simple techniques on how to carry comfortably and happily. Babywearing offers phenomenal benefits to the wearer, as well as the child, and is an effortless way to meet the many essential needs of a newborn child.

A proudly 100% family owned and run business, we are incredibly proud to stock one of the largest range of baby carriers available online in Australia! We only stock products we’ve tried and tested and are assured our customers will love them as much as we do. 

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Brooke completed her training to become a Kangatraining Instructor in January 2015 through Kangatraining Australia and her Babywearing Consultancy training in February 2016 through Die Trageschule Dresden Babywearing School. Brooke is a highly qualified and insured Babywearing Consultant who has helped thousands of women enjoy the bliss and simplicity that babywearing brings to their lives and still does this every week via her Kangatraining classes, in-studio consultations, and skype sessions. She also recently completed her Certificate 3 in Fitness and PreKanga Qualification in February 2017. 

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Meet the team at Brooke Maree: 

Angela- The Self-Acclaimed Wrap Geek and BM Media Manager.  

Angela assists in organising the whole social media side of Brooke Maree including instagram, blogging, and lots of behind the scenes action. Married to her high school sweetheart, living north of Brisbane in a leafy bit of suburbia, her little munchkin, Nathaniel, turned her world upside down at the end of 2015. A
ngela feels babywearing is an amazing way to physically and emotionally bond with Nathaniel when things just aren't going to plan. As a result, she's now a bit of a babywearing evangelist (thinking that seriously EVERYONE should give it a go!) and also loves to geek out over all the different wrap carries, blends, and textures. She can't wait to share her babywearing and parenting journey with you! x