Essential Babywearing Basics Free Guide!

I know just how confusing it can be to find your feet in the babywearing world. It's tough right? There's carriers, half & full buckles, there's woven wraps and stretchy wraps, meh dais, and ring slings... suitable for newborn, toddler worthy, blends, stacks of brands to choose from... and *poof*, I can see your sleep-deprived-baby-brain going $*!^%@ 

Well thank goodness, I've now got you 100% covered. 

What's included:

  • Why Babywearing? 
  • Benefits 
  • Optimal Positioning + Safety
  • Overview of the most Common Carriers 
  • Essential Tips

My pocket-sized guide is just 12 pages long, beautifully illustrated, and set up in a simple and non-overwhelming way that will have you feeling confident and grounded in no time! 

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In this book, I want to give you a firm foundation on which you can confidently begin or grow your babywearing journey, backed by my knowledge, training, and experience as a mama and babywearing consultant.

I created this guide for new mums in mind who already have their hands full, but are looking to harness their strong natural instincts in a modern practical world.

That was once me too with my "I can be a wonder woman mother and still keep my child happy right?!" attitude. Well, yes! Babywearing is here to absolutely bring back some normality to your new life as mum, in big or small ways. 

    After immersing yourself in this easy-to-filter information, you will be able to confidently choose a carrier that meets your needs, safely wear your baby in it, and use this tool to find more moments of bliss in your parenting journey every single day. If this sounds like the kind of book that could help you, it would be my absolute pleasure to deliver it with love straight to your inbox!

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    Grab Your Free Copy of my Essential Babywearing Basics Guide!

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