Babywearing Consultation

Learn how to safely and optimally carry you child for comfort and enjoyment by a trained and insured Babywearing Consultant. 

A newborn child wants and needs to be held, rocked, and touched. They are most happy and content when they are experiencing bodily contact and movement. Whether we use a carrier or not, we all want to show our love to our children through cuddles, nourishment, cradling and carrying. A baby carrier is just an extension of our natural desires to keep our baby happy and is the perfect solution for our child to remain close, calm, and gently stimulated with their caregiver. 

Choosing a baby carrier or wrap, can be an overwhelming and confusing decision. There is so much to take into account but there are many ways to narrow it down too. If you already know what baby carrier you are after but are unsure of a few questions, feel free to email info@brookemaree.com.au for a clarification. If you after some more one-on-one time with thorough detailing and assistance on your babywearing journey, then check out our range of options below: 

1 hour try before you decide ($65) 
Tickle your curiosity by trying out a range of our carriers, woven wraps, ring slings, and mei tais, with guidance and tips from a trained Babywearing Consultant. A great option for mums, dads, and pregnant ladies, to see what carriers are available and what will work best for you and your baby. 

30 minute trouble shooting ($30)
If you've recently purchased a carrier or wrap but are finding it uncomfortable or struggling to get the perfect fit, this consult is just for you. Bring along your carrier or wrap and learn some vital techniques to get a fitting that is enjoyable for you and baby. 

90 minutes to get a specific carrying style ($95)
If you are wanting to learn a specific carry for your child (front carries, ring slings, back carries, hip carries etc), then you will find the answers here. Learn in-depth and step by step, the correct technique to get an optimal and comfortable carry position with your child. This consultation allows you to try out these techniques with up to two different styles (woven wrap, ring sling, meh dai, structured carrier).

...:: If you happen to purchase one of our baby carriers during your consultation, we will offer a $25 refund on your consultation price! ::... *Not available on Skype Consultations

All consultation options are available in our studio in North Lakes or in your own home for a small travel fee. Demo dolls are available for extra assistance.  

Brooke Allen-Rhodes completed her Babywearing Consultancy Foundation Course through the Die Trageschule Babywearing School in February 2016 and has been wearing her daughter Elanor since she was born in May 2014. 

We can't wait to meet you and assist you on your parenting and babywearing journey!