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October 24, 2016

babywearing meets

As a new mum, one of the BEST things I have done is go to babywearing meets. It’s 100% something I would recommend to any fellow mums of small babies/toddlers, pregnant ladies, or anyone interested in learning more about babywearing.

I’ve been to at least 10 or so meets over the last 7 months through 3-4 different local groups, where I have made many lovely friends, and learnt skills that will stay with me for life.

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Trying all the wraps at a meet! :-)

A babywearing meet is more than just a mum’s playgroup, a meet up, or for babywearing education. No matter where you’re at in your parenting/babywearing journey, you will always learn or experience something new and worthwhile at a meet. That’s why so many babywearers attend them very regularly (sometimes weekly!).

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As for me, I’m not much of a social butterfly, so I usually only manage to get to one or two each month (though last week, there were about 3 different events I wanted to get to). But when I do manage to go, it is always worth the effort.

Not convinced? Well, here are 12 reasons why I (personally) love to go to babywearing meets…

Learn New Carries

Whether you buckle, sling, or wrap your baby, there are certainly lots of ways to do it! Most of the babywearing meets I’ve been to offer opportunities for parents to learn new carries (front, back, or hip) in a variety of carrier types. And there’s usually more experienced babywearers on hand if you have any specific carries you want help with.

Try New Carriers

Baby carriers can be quite the investment, and usually you can only purchase them through the internet. Certain carrier types are going to work better for your body than others, and it can be hard to know what’s best without trying it in person. A babywearing meet offers a unique try-before-you-buy environment. Quite often, other attendees will bring a huge variety of carriers from their collection so that you can feel and play with them in person. Trying without buying means you also save money, so that’s a huge win!

Get Safety Tips

When babywearing, safety is the number one priority. At babywearing meets, you’re in a safe environment to ask questions and get help to make sure your baby is 100% safe in your carrier, so that you can feel confident in your ability to wear them.

Get Comfort Tips

A few seemingly small adjustments can make a world of difference to your comfort when babywearing, especially if your wearee is a bigger baby or you are wearing for hours at a time. Experienced babywearers and trained consultants at meets will be able to point out ways to maximise comfort – you will probably pick up just as much by watching them wear their babies in person.

Have a Spotter

If you’re not totally confident with babywearing, ask someone at a meet to spot for you. They can keep a hand on baby and make sure that everything is going safely and smoothly while you’re still learning.

Drink Coffee

It’s no coincidence that most babywearing meets are located near a coffee shop. At the meets, you’re not alone in your chronic exhaustion – chances are if you’ve been up all night with your baby, the parent next to you was too. Enjoy your coffees together!

Hang Out with Likeminded Parents

Parents at babywearing meets are more often my type of people than parents at other events or activities. Why? They seem to adhere to similar parenting beliefs, styles, and methods – the type of parents that babywear are often very nurturing and very much engaged in interacting with their children. This is so useful for me as a first mum looking for examples of the kind of parent I want to be. I am also continually amazed at the friendships I’ve developed through my local babywearing community. I very likely would never have met these lovely ladies if I’d never gone to a meet.

Playtime for Big Kids

Babywearing meets are usually held at a fenced playground so that the big kids can go play. It’s super cute seeing them playing with each other while their mums chat or focus on their smaller children.

Interaction with Kids of Different Ages

My little one is an only child right now, so a big motivator for me is putting him in environments where he can see and interact with other small people. He loves to smile at, watch and copy the other kids!

Cuddle Newborns

On more than one occasion, while at a meet, I’ve had my baby on my back (out of the way!) and then had the opportunity to hold a newborn on the front while their mother uses the bathroom or tries something on. This is a MAJOR perk, because my goodness, you really do forget how tiny they are!

Get Out of the House

Sometimes getting out of the house with a baby can seem impossible. But committing to go to a meet might be the nudge you need to head out, and you might be surprised at how well you cope. At least, I was when I started heading out! Babywearing meets were one of the first proper solo outings I attempted as a new mum, and it definitely helped with my confidence so that I could branch out and try more things with my baby.

Nap Time

The best part about babywearing meets? They’re SUPER exhausting for babies! You’re almost guaranteed a half decent nap once you get home afterwards, even when your baby is as nap-resistant as mine. ;-)

infographic babywearing meets

What are you waiting for? Find out where your local babywearing groups are (search Facebook!) and RSVP to their upcoming events. You’ll wish you did it sooner!

Happy babywearing!





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P.P.S. If you’d like hands-on help with different carriers, carry-styles, and babywearing advice, you can also get all of this from a babywearing consultant like Brooke! She is based in North Brisbane.

P. P. S. If you’re local to me, you should join Brisbane Babywearing Community & North Brisbane Babywearing Social Meets. Maybe I’ll see you there sometime? ;-)


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