Public Criticism of Babywearing – Best Comebacks

March 12, 2017

babywearing public criticism

Wouldn’t it be fabulous if every time we chose to babywear in public, strangers would smile at us, say something encouraging, or perhaps even better… just mind their own business.

Unfortunately, as soon as you have a child, your actions in public suddenly become open to scrutiny, comments, and general rudeness. Especially if you’re doing something a little different to the norm, like babywearing.

babywearing quote

Until babywearing is fully normalised – where just as many people choose carriers as prams for their babies and toddlers – babywearers are very likely to continue to get comments in public. It’s just a reality that most of us have to accept.

The worst thing though, is when someone says something, and you are caught off guard. “Uhhhhh” you say, as you stare blankly, feeling a tad stupid. And then like 10 minutes later, the perfect comeback comes to you. But it’s too late.

Don’t worry though, we’ve got your back! Here are some of the most commonly heard public comments and criticisms of babywearing and comebacks you can whip out at a moment’s notice! We’ve included some cheeky and polite options, depending on the kind of person you are, or the mood you are in. You’re welcome ;-).

 public criticism of babywearing

Can they breathe in there?

  • “Ohhh...breathing! I didn't even think of that! Thanks, I'll have to check!"
  • "Absolutely! This is the best place for me to monitor them!"
  • “Yes. I can see their face and feel their breath on my skin, as well as their chest moving in and out.”

public criticism of babywearing

Can’t you walk?

  • “Bobby’s legs turn to jelly whenever I’m around. So, this is our only option really.”
  • “Bobby can walk, but it’s a lot easier to carry him than chase after him in public.”
  • “We both like the cuddles.”

babywearing comeback

Those things really hurt your backs.

  • “Yes, broken my back a few times the last few months. But it’s by choice, so….”
  • “Actually, if you’ve tried one in the past and it was hurting you, it was either a dodgy carrier or you didn’t get it fitted right. No pain here!”
  • “But it’s a great excuse for a shoulder rub later, right?”
  • “No sore back here, but without the carrier, I definitely get sore arms.”

public criticism of babywearing

I’ve heard it’s not good for baby’s hip development.

  • “No hip problems here.”
  • “They’re meeting all of their physical milestones – crawling, sitting, walking, etc.”
  • “Yes, the narrow-based style carriers can aggravate an existing hip issue in a child, but the carriers most people use these days are wider based and keep the child’s hips in the ideal position for hip development.”

public criticism of babywearing

Wow, aren’t you too old for that?

  • “Bobby isn’t too old. Nobody is ever too old for mummy or daddy cuddles.”
  • “I know I dress like a grandma sometimes, but I swear, these kids are mine.”
  • “We’re both happy with the situation.”

public criticism of babywearing

I’ve heard that’s not actually safe.

  • “Babywearing is perfectly safe if you follow the guidelines and your own parenting instincts. Babies are safe in carriers if they are upright, supported, high up, and their airways are clear.”
  • “The carrier keeps my little one in the safest possible place.”
  • “Don’t believe everything you hear.”

babywearing comeback

Gee, I wish I could hop in there.

  • “Yeah, somebody needs to make a supersized baby carrier, right?”
  • “Ahaha. There are lots of things I wish I could do but I usually keep them to myself.”
  • Smile or grimace awkwardly and edge away.

public criticism of babywearing

That can’t be comfortable.

  • “For me or him? It’s super comfy for me if I get the fit right. And he likes to stay up for hours without complaining. I’d say he’s comfy too.”
  • “I figure they’re comfortable if they fall asleep in there.”
  • “Trust me, my kid complains when they’re the slightest bit uncomfortable.”

public criticism of babywearing

Do you need me to lend you a pram?

  • “Why? This is working great for us!”
  • “Thanks, but I already sold my pram.”
    “For what? So I can use it to clear shopping aisles?”
  • “No thank you. If I decide to get a pram, I will be able to manage it myself. I am using a baby carrier by choice, not because I can’t afford a pram!”
  • "Do you need me to lend you a baby carrier?"


At the end of the day, people need to start minding their own business and accept that your parenting choices have nothing to do with them. Ideally, they’d keep their comments to themselves.

babywearing quote

But if nothing else, you can use the opportunity to improve their knowledge and awareness of this awesome parenting tool (you never know who is listening!) OR deliver a brilliant comeback. Need some ice for that burn? Oooooooh.


Happy public babywearing!





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P.P.S. For ultimate babywearing solidarity, I highly recommend hanging out with other likeminded parents. Join Brooke and I at a local babywearing meet sometime (we’re in north Brisbane – search Facebook groups for Brisbane Baby Wearing Community & North Brisbane Babywearing Social Meets!). There are usually other meets in your local area – head to the general Babywearing support page and look in the files.


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