How to Front Carry in a Fidella Meh Dai (Flytai)

February 20, 2017

fidella meh dai tutorial flytai

It’s no secret that we love Fidella’s version of a Meh Dai (they refer to it as Flytai). It can be a fantastic option for mums and dads to carry their tiny newborns right through to big toddlers!

What is a Fidella Meh Dai like?

Each one is made from woven wrap material and converted into a carrier that is often described as halfway between a buckle carrier and a woven wrap. Fidella’s Meh Dai has a waist belt and shoulder straps with a back panel – all tied off, no buckles.

meh dai mei tai advantages

The waistband has nice, thick padding, which offers plenty of support while still remaining flexible (unlike most soft structured carriers which have a more rigid waistband). The shoulder straps have light padding from the start, gradually becoming wrap-style straps. The padding and straps on both the shoulders and waist mean these carriers are easily mouldable to most shapes and sizes without digging in. You can also spread the wrap strap material on your shoulders and baby’s back for more support.

Most Fidella Meh Dais come with 100% cotton fabric, and are soft and breathable.

The baby and toddler sizes both come with leg padding on the sides, and all Fidella Meh Dais come with a hood.

What are the advantages of a Fidella Meh Dai?

The advantages of using a Meh Dai are that you get a very comfy carry that is a snug fit on both you and baby (like a woven wrap!), without the huge learning curve. It’s quick to put on, like a soft structured carrier, but more adjustable and mouldable.

Often with soft structured carriers, fit is very individual – one carrier may be comfy for someone, but a bad fit on someone else. Meh Dais are usually adjustable to fit just about anyone.

Fidella Meh Dais can be used for front carries and back carries (once baby is developmentally ready).  

Possibly the best part? Fidella’s Flytai are super affordable (we have them starting from $99 with our current sale). The price does not mean any sacrifice on quality, and you are spoilt for choice with a huge range of design options.

Without further ado… let’s show you step by step exactly how simple this carrier is.


How to Front Carry in a Fidella Meh Dai (FlyTai)

Get Set Up

Start with tying the waist belt. If you’re like Brooke, you might prefer to tie a double knot in front of you to see what you’re doing and then twist around to the back (this is also how I do up my bra ;-)).

fidella flytai tutorial

Find a height that is good for your baby. Smaller babies will be best positioned with the waist belt higher up, almost right under your boobs. A larger baby or toddler will be comfier with the waist belt closer to your waist. Remember – baby should be close enough to kiss. But you shouldn’t feel like you’re going to bang your chin on their head constantly!

Baby Time!

Find your baby and settle them first if you need to. A relaxed, happy baby makes for an easier time when learning a new carry.

fidella flytai tutorial

Gently place baby where you’d like them to sit and pull the back panel up, eliminating slack. Keep baby’s arms inside the panel, unless they prefer arms out and have excellent head and neck control.

fidella flytai tutorial

Shoulder Straps

Put the shoulder straps over your shoulders and make sure baby is sitting in the carrier knee-to-knee and all slack from the body panel is pulled upwards and out.

fidella flytai tutorial

Hold baby with one hand and use the other hand to grab both shoulder straps and pull them down to your lower back.

fidella flytai tutorial

Once tight, baby should be secure enough to use both hands to cross the straps, keeping the middle of the cross lower down your back.

If you weren’t spreading the shoulder straps down your shoulders, you could simply tighten here and tie off at the front.


In this tutorial, we spread the shoulders (recommended for extra comfort!) so we’ll take some time to tighten properly.

fidella flytai tutorial

Start with the strap on the bottom of the X crossed on your back. Tighten strand by strand. Once tightened, strap comes under baby’s leg. Keep the tension! Now tighten the strap on top of the X.

fidella flytai tutorial

Start by pulling the top rail and wiggling your opposite shoulder to remove slack. Then work through at the front with the middle and bottom rail.

fidella flytai tutorial

Tie Off

You can tie off here (under baby’s bottom) or bring behind, under baby’s legs, and tie off with a double knot.

fidella flytai tutorial

fidella flytai tutorial


fidella flytai tutorial

Tweaks and Extra Features

The hood can be used for extra support or sun protection. You can also cinch in the neck area to provide a snug fit around a baby’s neck that doesn’t have good head control yet. This is perfect for tiny babies, especially when they’re sleeping.

fidella flytai tutorial

You can also spread the shoulder passes for another layer across baby’s back and bottom, which adds more support and snugness around baby. When doing this, simply make sure that each pass spreads from knee-to-knee.

fidella flytai tutorial


For quick and easy reference while you’re learning, please feel free to save or print off this infographic of the main steps. :-)

fidella flytai tutorial

For more details or if you prefer to learn from a video, check out Brooke’s Fidella Fly Tai video tutorial here.

Happy Fidella snuggles!




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P.P.S. Check out our gorgeous range of Fidella Meh Dais here. Brooke is also a qualified babywearing consultant and happy to chat with you and help you get the right carrier and fit!


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