Guest Blog: The Kilted Babywearer

September 04, 2016

Dads hold a special place in our heart. When we see the way they look, interact, and bond with our children, waves of emotions flood us and fill our hearts to the brim. My partner Paul is never one to put his hand up to babywear our Daughter Elanor, but when he does, he never asks to take her off and my mouth subtly waters in the background the whole time. I love seeing him hold her close knowing they are sharing some very important oxytocin between the two of them! It's just so special. 

This week week for Father's Day in Oz, I wanted to hear from a Dad who is really proud to babywear, and who has thoroughly inspired many mums and dads around the world through his Facebook and Instagram page, The Kilted Babywearer

I asked Sean a bit about why he decided to carry his son in a carrier/wrap and what he loves about it. You'll love hearing from this special Dad from Southern California!

Sean Bourke AKA the Kilted Baby Wearer.
Photo credit to Corinna Schutz Photography

"I am an attached-parent, bed-sharing, and a crunchy kind of caregiver. My family and I enjoy traveling and adventures, the Arts, and march to the beat of our own drum. I have two boys—the older one is 7 and the younger one (biological) is 3. I have a Chainmaille and metal smithing business called SPB custom creations and I sell my jewelry through Facebook and Etsy.

When my younger son was a couple of days old, my partner Erin taught me how to pocket wrap cross carry with a Moby wrap and I have been wearing him since. We both truly believe in the benefits of babywearing and Erin has been wearing our older son since he was born. I have gone through training with the Center for BabyWearing Studies and I help lead my local babywearing group with Erin and a few other friends.

Babywearing has allowed me to foster closeness and create amazing bonds with both my sons. When my younger son was a baby I liked to do skin-to-skin with him at home since it helped him to be a calm and happy baby. Babywearing allows me carry my little one while freeing my hands to perform other tasks, like working around the house or being able to care for my older son at the same time. And I truly believe, babywearing has helped me to be a better dad, especially since I didn’t take on that role for my older son until he came into my life when he was 3. Babywearing eased me into that role and has allowed me to provide the support for his specific needs on the Autistic spectrum, since it helps calm him and allows him to feel safe when he’s overwhelmed. 

Babywearing creates a bond with your child that is hard to get any other way. The mother can breastfeed skin-to-skin to help bond with her child. For a dad, babywearing allows him to create a similar and unique bond. Babywearing allows the dad to comfort and nurture his child and for the baby to feel safe and secure whenever they are with dad.

I created a Facebook page called The Kilted Babywearer and also have an Instagram page. I actually created the page with my partner Erin because I fight depression and it was a way for me to put myself out there and get positive feedback about myself. I also wanted to show other caregivers that babywearing isn’t just for the mom but for everyone, and I encourage them to post their own pictures there. I provided a visual tutorial each week of a different carry and also post links to different articles about babywearing. I created my page to bring awareness to babywearing for both men and women and to encourage all caregivers to babywear. The page was created for education and shared babywearing experiences but I also enjoy talking about kilts and tartans, music, blacksmithing, knifes and knife making, along with other hobbies and interests I have. 

Through Kilted I have been asked what was in my babywearing stash and because I was a bit of a collector I would jokingly tell them “it’s like Willy Wonka & the chocolate factory, anything you could imagine and more.” But honestly most of what I have now I use for teaching classes and helping out the community."

Photo credit to Corinna Schutz Photography

What a legend! Huge thanks goes to Sean for taking the time to share this with the babywearing bliss tribe this week. Check more of his adventures out through his Facebook and Instagram. 

So show Dad that babywearing isn't for an exclusive 'type' of parent. It's a simple way to develop a bond with your child while having your hands free and either pottering around the house or going on big adventures outside. You can wear flip flops while babywearing, you can wear joggers, or you can even wear a kilt! 

Babywearing is for mums, dads, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends. Anyone can do it and everyone should! Oxytocin rushes for all I say! 


Because carrying your child should be bliss!
- B r o o k e - x  


P.S. Looking for a dad friendly carrier? Manduca & Kokadi are big hits, as well as many Woven Wraps.



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