First Trimester Babywearing While Pregnant

January 02, 2017

babywearing while pregnant

It’s official! I am carrying not one, but two babies in this picture! :-) One of them is just too small to see yet!

Now that I’m at the end of my first trimester with baby number two and have continued babywearing throughout, I feel like I’m ready to share my experience. I used to wonder what it would be like to wear my baby while pregnant with another, and know that this is a topic that others ask about too… so thought sharing might be helpful!

The Joys of First Trimester

I am super lucky to experience minimal nausea while pregnant. I do, however, experience insane levels of exhaustion. Like I want to sleep all day and could barely lift my arms, let alone my 11kg toddler!

So if this is what first trimester is like for you too, you’ll probably relate a little more with my experience. However, if you’re the stuck-to-the-toilet all day kind of person, your approach to babywearing while pregnant might be different (and I’m sorry that you have to deal with that!).

Also, my first baby was around 1yo during my first trimester, so if your other children are older or younger, their needs and your approach to babywearing might be different.


Tip 1: Be Safe

If you’re told that you have a high risk pregnancy, ask your doctor specifically if babywearing is safe for you. If you’re not allowed to be up and about or lifting things, chances are that babywearing is off the cards. It’s just not worth it.

BUT if you're experiencing a normal pregnancy, as long as you're comfortable, go right ahead! 

babywearing breastfeeding baby mother

Babywearing while pregnant. Keeps toddler contained which is much less exhausting than chasing him around and keeping him out of the lake behind us. Also... side note... breastfeeding while pregnant (if you're low risk) is still totally do-able too (as you can see!). :-)

Tip 2: Do What’s Easiest

If you’re lucky enough to have a child who settles themselves to sleep already, that’s fantastic. And if they walk places, roll with it. You don’t have to wear your baby “just because”. If it’s too tiring for you, don’t!

babywearing while pregnant

I think this captures the feeling of first trimester. Pure exhaustion. No energy to even transfer the sleeping toddler at this point!

However, my little one uses wraps to fall asleep 90% of the time.* This is how we settle for naps and night time sleeps. Thankfully, he now transfers pretty well. But babywearing was pretty unavoidable for me. Fortunately, once my little one was wrapped, I was able to sit down on a fitball and bounce him to sleep. Tiring, yes, but easier than pacing the house with him in my arms!

*My goodness, things change fast. When I started writing this article, this was true. Now, just a month later, we mainly just use wraps for out and about. Mr has now decided he prefers to lie next to us on the bed to fall asleep. Much more relaxing for me (though time consuming ;-)). 

Tip 3: Share The Load

For night time sleeps, I was usually able to palm my little one off to my husband for wrapping once he was home from work. I was thankful for babywearing as it meant that my husband could help my child fall asleep just as easily as I could (even without boobs, yay!).

babywearing dad

Very thankful for my babywearing husband. Otherwise we would not have gone many places or even attempted this short bushwalk a few weeks ago! 

Tip 4: Watch That Bladder!

Early on in first trimester, I was noticing a lot of pressure on the bladder. Unfortunately, this makes front carrying a little uncomfortable. I tried to make sure I wrapped with an empty bladder and didn’t carry on the front for more than 30 minutes at a time.

babywearing sleeping baby robbins hip carry with a sling ring

Robbins Hip Carry with a sling ring takes the pressure off. Sleepy dust win, too!

To take the pressure off, back and hip carries, and anything without a waistband tended to be much more comfortable long-term.

Tip 5: Enjoy Your First Baby

Once I found out that I was expecting #2, babywearing with #1 took on a different light. Suddenly I realised that this isn’t forever. Soon enough, my attention will be divided and my baby won’t even be a baby anymore. I am taking things more slowly, breathing in his baby smell when he’s wrapped on my front. I am trying to give him as much of my attention as I can manage because our time is so limited.

babywearing sleeping baby mother

Enjoying a sleepy front cuddle with my first baby... who is mostly not so much a baby anymore except when he falls asleep like this. 

When he falls asleep in the wrap though, it’s like my munchkin is a squish again. He’s totally relaxed and out to it, and very snuggly. It helps that he’s still as bald as a newborn too ;-)


In a nutshell, that’s what my babywearing experience was like for first trimester. Even though my belly isn’t visible yet and very few people knew that I was pregnant, it was having a huge effect on how babywearing felt for us.

I’ll be back in a few months to let you know what babywearing during second trimester is like! And of course, midway through this year you can expect HEAPS of squishy spam!

Happy babywearing (and baby-growing if that applies to you!)




P.S. Enjoyed this post? Please go ahead and share – as far as I know, there's not yet a lot of info out there yet on babywearing while pregnant. :-)

P.P.S. Brooke is a qualified babywearing consultant, so if you have any questions about babywearing while pregnant (or after your new addition makes an appearance!), she's your woman!


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