Can I Babywear After a C-Section?

February 27, 2017

babywearing after a cesarean

There’s no doubt that babywearing is one of the handiest tools for new parents, especially those with young babies. But what if a mum needs to undergo a C-Section for baby’s birth? Whether you are planning a Cesarean, recently went through one, or are doing your research “just in case”, this info is for you, mama!

This question definitely comes up a lot in babywearing forums. Can I wear my baby after a C-Section?

For most mums, the answer is YES! :-) But you might find you need to do a few things differently – after all, you are recovering from abdominal surgery. It is no small thing. Here are some things you should be aware of:

Listen to Your Doctor

Health professionals are there for a reason. If you are advised to not wear your baby, it’s best to avoid doing it. If in doubt, seek a second opinion. A physio can be super important to help with your recovery and provide medical advice on what you should/shouldn’t do post-op!

Listen to Your Body

You are the expert on your body. Nobody except you will know what you are feeling. If you feel great, go ahead with caution and commen sense. If something doesn’t feel right, take it slow, and maybe set aside your carrier for when you are more recovered.

babywearing after a c-section

High Carries Above Scar

Carriers with a waistband may bother you for awhile. Try putting the waistband up high (under your boobs) so that it does not make any contact with your scar. Fortunately, this will be the perfect height for a tiny newborn! You may also want to try a ring sling (no waistband) or a wrap (stretchy or woven) as they can mould to your shape very easily.

Avoid Heavy Lifting

After a Cesarean, your core needs time to heal before you lift heavy weights. With baby in the carrier, you are already adding extra weight, so be careful to not use that handsfree time to lift much else.


Some carriers will be more comfy than others. If you have them on hand, try using a ring sling, a woven wrap, a stretchy wrap, structured carrier, and a meh dai. Hopefully you will find your sweet spot! Ask in your local babywearing community if you are able to borrow from their lending library or book in with a babywearing consultant to see what works for you before you make a purchase.

Short Bursts

Don’t overdo it. Your baby will get amazing benefits from babywearing, but you probably have years of close cuddles ahead of you. There’s no need to rush into things early on or wear them for hours at a time. Focus on your recovery above all.

Give Yourself Time

If you’re not comfortable wearing your baby during the first few weeks, that’s fine and normal. Wait a few days and then try again.

Ask for Help

Your partner, parents, in-laws, and friends are probably all very keen to help with baby, especially while you recover. Show them how to use the carrier, and enjoy the peace, knowing that baby likely feels safe, warm, and comforted.

 infographic babywearing after a c-section cesarean

Things might seem a little crazy at first. I mean, you have a newborn AND you’re dealing with recovering from surgery. Aren’t you lucky? ;-) But hopefully before you know it, you’ll be feeling back to normal and giving baby all of the cuddles they want!

I myself have had one natural birth and am pregnant with baby #2. I loved babywearing with my first baby straight away, and it was an invaluable tool in those early days. I am planning another natural birth, but if things don’t go to plan, I am relieved to know that I should still be able to wear my next baby from the beginning, and if I can’t, I’ll be asking my husband and family to do it for me. <3

There really is nothing more perfect than newborn snuggles!



X o


P.S. Found this info handy? Please feel free to save or share it for future reference! :-)

P.P.S. If you’re looking for a carrier, head to our shop. We have a range of carrier types you can try out, all with AfterPay available! If you want some extra one-on-one help with choosing the right carrier post C-sec, have a chat to Brooke. She’s a qualified babywearing consultant! <3


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