An Open Letter to My Babywearing Baby Daddy for Father’s Day

August 29, 2016

 Being a Dad is tough, really tough. Honestly, some days I look at my husband in awe and wonder how he still has it in him to keep going for us. But a lot of the time, I also take him for granted. Which is totally not okay.

And I think a lot of the time, most Dads get overlooked for all the amazing support they provide. So it’s time I said thank you to my husband and all the other dads, and especially to the dads who wear their babies, because I think you’re extra special.

 babywearing dad fathers day

Dear Baby Daddy,

Happy first Father’s Day! It’s been quite the journey for our little family. Today though, it’s all about you. I want to thank you for EVERYTHING you do and you are for us. So here goes…

Thank you for jumping into a totally new role head-first even though you were probably scared out of your brains.

Thank you for saying that you’ll support my decision to keep breastfeeding, or to stop, when it was getting hard. Thank you for encouraging me to achieve my goals to nourish our child. We couldn’t have persevered without you.

Thank you for all the times you lost sleep so I could get a bit of extra rest.

Thank you for working SO hard outside and inside of the house to provide for us. You don’t complain nearly as much as you used to, even though things are just as hard as they have always been.

Thank you for saying that my job is harder than your job. Whether it’s true or not (perhaps it changes from day to day), your appreciation and value of my work makes it easier to endure the hard days.

Thank you for wearing our baby when I’m tired, he’s tired, and we both need rest. Thank you for doing it even when you don’t have much energy.

babywearing dad mei tai

Thank you for babywearing proudly out and about, even if people stare.

Thank you for embracing wrapping because you saw how much it meant to me.

Thank you for allowing me to try different baby carriers because you know how much joy I get from it.

babywearing dad woven wrap

Thank you for embracing co-sleeping with me so that we could get more sleep.

Thank you for sticking by me through long months of darkness, exhaustion, and sickness after our baby was born.

Thank you for when you went to the shops for me to buy things like breast pumps, pads, and nipple shields as a new dad, and not even cringing.

Thank you for the disagreements we’ve had about our child, because it means you care about how he is brought up.

babywearing dad

Thank you for always asking how I’m going and how our day has been, even though I usually give you the same answers.

Thank you for putting up with being pooed on, wee’d on, face scratched, and hair pulled, mostly without even flinching.

babywearing dad woven wrap

Thank you for telling me I look beautiful even when I’m rocking the mum look.

Thank you for blowing your nose to make it honk, just to make our kid laugh.

Thank you for loving our child. I never knew that adding an extra person to our family would grow our love for each other too!

babywearing dad woven wrap

Love from your Baby Mama



Much love and a VERY Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads this weekend.





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