My babywearing journey in a tiny nutshell..

March 13, 2016

how I started babywearing

I can't pinpoint the moment I decided I'd carry my baby using a wrap or buckle carrier. I just thought it seemed quite practical and a lovely way to keep your baby close while you had your hands free. Endless cuddles with my winter baby was of high priority. 

Brooke babywearing

My first 'wrap' was an organic stretchy wrap, no particular brand, just stretchy jersey material weight tested to carry babies. It was cream colour and loooooong. At my Calmbirth classes, my teacher had an ergo and mentioned how much she loved it. So I went and got one of those too. 

I wore my girl from around 2 weeks old (when I finally managed to actually do something with my life other the breastfeed, sleep, eat, change nappies, shower, breastfeed...). I can hardly bare to look at the photo I took of me wearing her for the first time. It wasn't a very good carry but I was over the moon and absolutely hooked! 

We went for walks down to the beach, we rocked around the house at 11pm to settle, and we braved the baby expo at 3 weeks postpartum. Eat Street Markets was a breeze, eating out at restraunts when baby needed to sleep was easy, even catching a 3 hour flight was simple! I always found any excuse to wear my girl because I loved it and so did she! 

I went to my first 'meet' not long after she was born. Hosted by the Brisbane Baby Wearing Community, I headed out of the house to Capalaba to my first mummy meet up. Well, wow, that was an eye opener. Here I was with my stretchy wrap and suddenly I was opened up to all these different brands, sizes, blends, carries, etc. It was amazing! 

I quickly jumped up on the buy/sell/trade page and purchased my first handwoven and ring sling. Because I simply needed to try them all! The ergo wasn't getting much use as it was too wide of a seat for my baby girl and I don't think I was aware there was inserts available. 

Babywearing Brooke MareeAs time went on, I continued to add to my stash and deduct from my stash. I tried different carries, attended meets, watched youtube, and throughly enjoyed keeping my baby close. 

I attended my first Kangatraining class when my daughter was just under 6 months old and decided I just had to bring more of these classes to mums in Brisbane! What an awesome activity to do with your baby, but for yourself at the same time. I did my training as an instructor in January 2015 and through Kangatraining, I fell in love with Manduca carriers and how much comfort they offered to each individual figure and baby. 

My girl loves being wrapped and carried and always asks to come up for cuddles now whenever she sees me playing with wraps or getting my Manduca out. As she is closely approaching two, it's a lovely way to reconnect after she's been running on her feet all day or been away at daycare. She's so independent, but when she's carried on me, we bond even closer each time. It's so incredibly special and I feel so lucky to be able to share it with her. 

Babywearing has made motherhood easier for me!

In the newborn days, it made the normal buzz of life easier to transition into with a very clingy and normal newborn baby. As time went on, it was a lovely way to soothe a sooky teething baby and a practical way to explore places a pram just wouldn't get to. Now as a toddler, it's our safe place to reconnect and chill.

Babywearing helps extend the unconditional love I have for my girl in a way that fits perfectly into life. 

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