What you celebrate expands: Celebrating 1 year of Kangatraining.

March 12, 2016

Just before Christmas last year, I bought myself an amazing app called ‘#truthbomb’. It sends me words of inspiration at a set time each day. I’ve set my timer for 2pm so that just as the afternoon slump hits I get a notification that “your daily #truthbomb has arrived” and get flooded with motivational words. I love it!

One time, my daily truth bomb was “What you celebrate expands”. I thought this was amazing and so incredibly true. It’s as simple as if you’re mind is in a negative manner, it’s hard to stop being negative, and if your mind is in a positive manner, it’s hard to stop being positive. Sending out to the universe your excitement for celebration will only give you more things to celebrate (well, that's the idea!).

From: Danielle LaPorte

Whether it’s not killing someone the following day after having 2 hours sleep, or managing to have a shower by yourself in peace, or going out to the shops without your baby or toddler losing it, it all matters. You might be heading back to work, studying, or be working hard to keep the house from falling apart at home. Celebrations can be big and they can be small. But keep searching for them and celebrate in laughter, love, and gratefulness.

Kangatraining North Lakes recently reached it’s 1 year birthday and I made sure to make an effort to really celebrate this huge milestone. I could have just gone, “woo it’s been a year today” and gotten on with life. But I know that wouldn’t of given credit to the hard work I’d put in for just over a year. I mean, holy s#@t, I have been turning up week after week, month after month with my baby and now toddler, to deliver amazing Kangatraining classes to mums in my area.

It’s been a huge year with so much trial and error and lots of success. I have met endless amounts of beautiful mamas and gushed over so many adorable bubbas and toddlers. I’ve been blessed to be on this journey with my girl and I’m celebrating a fricken awesome first year and getting incredibly excited for the next! 

Thanks to each and every person who made my first year a success. My fiancé Paul and my own gorgeous mama Michele, I couldn’t have done it without your support x


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